Malwarebytes Antivirus Download

What is Malwarebytes Antivirus ?

We will try to give detailed information about the program by answering your questions such as license fees. Malwarebytes is a powerful cleaning software that removes unwanted software such as worm, trojan, backdoor, spam, rootkit, dialer, exploit, keylogger, browser hijacking, Spyware infected by your phone or computer. Malwarebytes provide effective protection for these types of viruses where even antiviruses are inadequate.

Malwarebytes, an American internet security company, was founded in 2008. Software that is actively working on more than 10 billion computers and phones around the world, recognizes many current viruses and makes them ineffective. There are 2 versions of the software.

With the Free version you can clean the malware on your computer by scanning malware. The Pro version provides real-time protection. Pro version is free for 14 days. After you scan your device, you can provide a detailed report to determine which files are enabled from viruses. Virus scanning and cleaning process in a very short time. Spread recently on the market, portalsepeti easily cleans browser viruses such as govome, websearch, conduit, ask.

How to use Malwarebytes Antivirus ?

You can download the software from Malwarebytes official site. After downloading the software it is necessary to update the latest version to clean up and identify the current viruses. You can scan before the update is done, but it is important to do this to clean up the current viruses.

After the update is complete, you can see the scanning options by clicking the “Scan” tab on the left menu.
Here you can choose from quick scan, custom scan or detailed scan. For malware scans, you only need to use the “Threat scan” option.
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