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What is Avg Antivirus ?

Today, the number of Internet-based attacks targeting the personal information of users and damaging computers in time, time and time continues to increase rapidly. While there are a lot of software developed for security in this regard, some of these software can not provide sufficient security while some users can not reach all users due to high fees.

Today, the AVG Antivirus program, which is also used on desktop devices with the Android operating system, is preferred by millions for its free, frequently updated infrastructure. Although there are some technical problems with your counterparts, you can safely use your AVG Antivirus program with your computer.

How to use AVG Antivirus ?

AVG Antivirus, also used on mobile devices with desktop devices developed by AVG Technologies, is one of the completely free security software. The fact that it has all the language support, the frequent, frequent updates and free of charge, contributes to the usage of the application by more people.

AVG Antivirus provides protection against trojans, viruses, spyware and harmful sites that may pose a threat to your device. Through the application, you can scan all software installed on your device, scan existing files, and instantly take all your steps safely on the internet.

Again, if you use this software on a mobile device, you can lock your device and move it safely with the protection system. AVG Antivirus provides many important protection features such as browsing internet sites and checking existing links when browsing the web. Once you have downloaded the application, which is extremely easy to use, complete a few simple step setups and leave the scan-update operations on.

If you are not satisfied, you need to turn off the software first when you want to delete the software. Once you have entered the application for this, disable protection in the Settings section, and then uninstall the software. Remember to restart your computer after this process.


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  1. Daniel says:

    La aplicación me parece muy útil a la hora de navegar por internet, hace que me mantenga a salvo de virus y cosas infecciosas

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  5. richard dicker says:

    am I installed

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  8. richard dicker says:

    can I get my money back>

  9. alinton says:

    es buena

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